Summer Update

Bolly Owner posted Jun 23, 18

Hello Citizens, we hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

Over the past few weeks we have been busy behind the scenes working to fix issues that have been occurring on our network. eg. Dupes, Griefs.. (expect a change-log in the next few weeks). We have discussed what to work on over the next few months and came to the decision that minimizing our banned-item lists and reducing bugs/issues would be our number one priority (along with decreasing the long ticket wait-time).

Yesterday we decided that on Monday 25th our least played servers would be closed - Sky Factory 2.5, Project Ozone Lite and Modern Skyblock 2.

Currently these are our least active servers on the network. Removing them will free up resources and allow us to prepare for future changes to come. We won't be providing map downloads and are very sorry for any inconveniences! They will become inaccessible 25th June @ 10pm GMT+1.

Have a wonderful rest of your summer holidays!

- KingdomsCity Staff Team


Bolly Owner posted Jun 21, 18

We are currently looking for more Staff.

Currently we are in desperate need of expanding our staff team. You MUST qualify ALL our staff requirements (found in the staff application). You MUST also have filled in a staff application before we consider any kind of interview. Currently we are looking for players to fill our Trainee position which is a probationary period between Trainee and Helper.

Please also note that becoming a staff-member it is a voluntary job and throughout the probationary period you can be let go at anytime.


Bolly Owner posted May 22, 18

We have just release a new modpack. Download FoolCraft3 and join now.

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