Pointer:- Server Self-Destructor:- Block Placer:- Smelt Rod:- Dimlet Weather Type Controller:- Shape Card (Clearing Quarry):- Lens of the Killer:- Shape Card (Clearing Silk Quarry):- Shape Card (Pump):- Shape Card (Void):- Dimlet Workbench:- Self-Destructing Card:- Shape Card (Quarry):- Shape Card (Silk Quarry):- Shape Card (Fortune Quarry):- Lens of Detonation:- PSI Meta Pickaxe:- Redwood Sapling:- Chunkloader Upgrade:- Flamthrower:- Spruce Fancy WorkBench:- Staff of the Cloud:- Rainmaker:- Birth Fancy Workbench:- Lens of Certain Death:- Space Chamber Corner Block:- Bridge Builder:- Dynamite VI:- Mining Dynamite:- Gateway Key:- Spawner Changer:- Dynamite II:- Jungle Fancy Workbench:- IC2 Terraformer:- Dynamite III:- Acacia Fancy Workbench:- Item Filter:- Dynamite IV:- Dynamite V:- Framed Fancy Workbench:- Luggage:- Space Chamber Controller Block:- Controller Miner:- Gun Turret:- Laser Medium:- FireRod:- Chemthrower:- Item Dislocator:- Shape Card (Clearing Pump):- PSIdust Block:- Florb:- Block Breaker:- Dynamite I:- PSImetal Shovel:- Shard:- Dimension Builder:- Sacred Oak Sapling:- Thermal Dynamics Cover:- Machine Block:- Katana:- Block Placer:- Crafter Tier 1:- PSI CAD Colorizer:- IC2 Nuke:- Combat Dynamite:- EFLN:- Crafter Tier 3:- Item Import Cover:- Crafter Tier 2:- Black Hole Talisman:- Empty Dimension Tab:- Oak Fancy Workbench:- TerraformRod:- Builder:- CompressedTNT:- Spawner:- Space Chamber Card:- ESD:- Molten PSI Metal:- Shulker Boxes (All):- Item Eject Cover:- Teleportation Core:- Redstone Clock:- Dimension Editor:- IC2 Dynamite:- Dislocator Pedestal:- Protable Teleporter:- Rod of Elevation:- Advanced Dislocator:- Block Placer:- Miniature Black Hole:- Anti-Builder:- LaputaShards (All):- Quantum Quarry Actuator:- Biome Changer:- Abyssal Craft Staff:- PSI Metal Axe:- Portal Charm:- Sharpening Kit:- Terraformer:- CAD Assemblys:- Turret Minecart:- Portal Gun:- Redstone Clock:- PSI Metal Sword:- ADvanced ESD:- Managun:- Obsidian TNT:- Storage Scanner:- Teleport Staff:- Weather Dimlet:- IC2 Chunk Loader:- ColossalChests mod (entire):- WirelessCraftingTerminal mod (entire):-
DNA Cloner:Dupe DNA Insulator:Dupe Lantern (All):Crashes Server Poppet Shelf:Chunk Loader Crane Control:Griefs Crane Backpack:Griefs Dubstep Guns:Griefs Master Staff:Griefs Nylan Pig Launcher:Griefs Proto Titan:Griefs Alpha Titan:Griefs RPG - 7:Griefs RPG - 7 Ammo:Griefs Explosive Barrett:Griefs C - 4 (All):Griefs Claymore:Griefs Granades:Griefs Bombs (All):Griefs Napalm:Griefs Ancient Sword:Lag Tornado (All):Lag Drill:Lag Test Item:Lag Shock wave:Lag Cloud in a Bottle:Griefs Block Teleporter:Griefs Tropics Portal Enchanter:Changes spawn loc Sonic Glasses:Profile Corruption Block Mover:Griefs MrCrayfish Oven:Crashes server Bibliocraft Case:Crashes Server SDX:Griefs Block Breakers:Grief Magnetic Force:Crashers Server Florb:Griefs Leech Chest:Block Stealer Item:Dupe - Crash Guns (All):Grief - Bypass Chunkloader (All):Lag Soul of World:Glithes KoaChest:Corrupts Blocks Block Placer:Dupes Drawbridge:Duping Spamr Launcher:Griefs Sacred Oak Sap:Griefs Sacred Redwood Sap:Griefs Plastic Bag:Dupe Magnetic Force:Glitched Flag:Glitched Golden Egg:Griefs Showcase:Corrupts player data Rechargable Chisel:Dupes MailBox:Chunk Loader Item Collector:Dupe Sledge (All):Dupes Zeuz’s Candy Thunder:Bypasses Protection TNT:Placement Grief Flans mod (entire):Greif
Quarry:Bypasses Protection Ender Quarry:Bypasses Protection Tunnel Bore:Bypasses Protection Turtle (All):Bypasses Protection Chunk Loader:Lag Spot Loader:Lag Spatial IO Port:Lag Poppet Shelf:Lag Anti-Builder:Dupes Block Placer:Griefs Book Binder:Dupes Cart Dispenser:Dupes Cursor:Bypasses Protection Descriptive Book:Bypasses Protection Digital Thermometer:Griefs Dimension Builder:Lag Dimension Editor:Lag Dynamite (all):Bypasses Protection Electromagnet:Bypasses Protection Ender Collector:Lag External Distributor:Dupe Fancy Workbench:Dupe Flobs (all):Bypasses Protection Hopper Facade:Crashes Server TNT:Bypasses Protection TNT Cart:Bypasses Protection Wooden TNT cart:Griefs Tiny TNT:Griefs Imperfect Ritual Stone:Weather Manipulation Item Eject cover:Dupes Item Import Cover:Dupes Jailer's Safari Net:Griefs Jailer's Safari Net Golden:Griefs Machinist WorkBench:Dupes Magic Beans:Griefs Network Tool:Dupes Nuke:Griefs Nuke Virus:Griefs PIM:Bypasses Protection Particle Generator:Lag Plasma Launcher:Griefs Pointer:Bypasses Protection Rainmaker:Lag SDX:Griefs Spamr Launcher:Griefs Sacred Oak Sap:Griefs Sacred Rubber Sap:Griefs Slotted Book:Dupes Vampiric Poppet:Bypasses Protection VooDoo Popper:Bypasses Protection Weather Obelisk:Lag Ender-Thermic Pump:Griefs Fluid Tank:Griefs Witch Hunter Pistol:Bypass PvP All Anchors:Lag Powered Spawners:Lag Sacred Rubber Sap:Lag Mega Rubber Sap:Lag Sacred Oak Sap:Lag Redwood Sap:Lag Builders Block (All):Lag Enhanced Teleposition Focus:Grief Reinforced Teleposition Focus:Grief Demonic Teleposition Focus:Grief Mining Laser:Grief Factorization mod (entire):- PortalGun mod (entire):-
PSI:Disabled-Lag Refined Storage:Disabled-Lag Reborn Storage:Disabled-Lag Dimension Enscriber:Lag Dimension Builder:Lag Dimension Editor:Lag Crystal Chests / Box (All):Lag Rod of Terra Firma:Griefs Rod of Hells:Griefs Rod of Shifting Crust:Grief Rod of Molten Core:Grief Deconstruction Wand:Grief Packing Tape:Dupe Quantum Quarry:Lag Chunk Loaders (All):Lag Spatial (All) IO Port:Lag Block Breaker:Bypass Protection Block Placer:Bypass Protection Dynamite / TnT:Griefs Particle Generator:Lag Rainmaker:Lag Wand (not enough wands):Lag Sacred Oak Sap:Lag Spawner (rftools):Lag Mana Blaster:Grief Shard of Laputa:Grief Item Filter (rftools):Lag Teleport Staff:Bypass EFLN:Grief Black Hole Talismen (All):Grief Redstone Clock:Lag Space Chamber (all):Lag Processor (rftools):Lag Display Stand :Loads Chunk High explosive cartridge:Bypass Mailbox:Loads Chunks Key of Kings Law:Bypass ESD (All):Lag Portal Gun:Lag Chem Thrower:Bypass Turret:Bypass Terraformer (All):Lag Grief Anti-builder:Grief Storage Scanner rftools:Dupe PSI mod (entire):- RebornStorage mod (entire):- RefinedStorage mod (entire):- WirelessCraftingTerminal mod (entire):-
All Chunkloaders:Lag Ultimate Crafting Table(Placement):Glitch Sacred Oak Sapling:Lag Redwood Sapling:Lag Flux Sponge:Lag Alchemical Chests:Dupes Bed Pet:Time Changing 128³ Component:Lag 128³ Disk:Lag Refined Storage (Entire mod):Lag Laputa Shards (All):Lag/Grief Record Player:Troll Nova Cataclysm:Grief Nova Catalyst:Grief Manastorm Charge:Grief Farming Station:Dupe Bug All Purple Shulker Boxes:Dupe Bug Teleposer:Grief Teleposition Foci:Grief
Shape Cards (All):Bypasses Protection RefinedStorage mod (entire):Lag Redwood Sapling:Lag Draconic Chunk:Lag Chunk Loader:Lag
Item Destruction Wand:- Actually Additions Lens (All):- Item Spawner Changer:- Item Teleport Staff:- Network Tool:- Spatial IO Port:- Spatial Pylon:- Dimension Changer:- Fancy Workbench (All):- Slotted Book:- Black Hole Talisman:- Exchange Rod:- Fire Rod:- Laputa Shards (All):- ManaGun:- Missile Rod:- SmeltRod:- TerraFormrod:- Chest Transformers (All):- Dislocator Pedestal:- Grinder:- Particle Generator:- Breaker:- Item Dropper:- Certus Tank:- Biome Maker:- Extra Utils Machine:- Quarry:- Quarry Proxy:- Redstone Clock:- MailBox:- RainMaker:- Gadgetry Machines Breaker:- Gadgetry Machines Placer:- Eject Cover:-
Teleposer:Bypasses Protection Teleposition Focuses:Bypasses Protection Anchors:Chunk Loading Chunk Loader:Chunk Loading Rod of the Terrafirma:Bypasses Protection/Mass Terrain Grief Sacred Saplings:Lag Sun Dial:Time Manipulation Weather Controller:Weather Manipulation Weather Obelisk:Weather Manipulation Book Binder:Dimension Creation Not Allowed SDX:Claims Bypass Warding Wand Focus:World Glitch Fancy Workbench:Dupe Glitch
World Anchor:Chuck Loader Personal Anchor:Chuck Loader Passive Anchor:Chuck Loader Anchor Sentinel:Chuck Loader Anchor Cart:Chuck Loader Personal Anchor Cart:Chuck Loader Rod of Shifting Crust:Grief Rod of Molten Core:Grief Rod of Hells:Grief Rod of Terra Firma:Grief Hand of Ender:Bypasses Protection Shard of Laputa:- Mana Blaster:Bypasses Protection Auto Assembler:Dupe Spatial IO Port:Lag Hopper Facade:Dupe Cart Dispenser:- Ender Sigil:Bypass Protection Flamthrower:Bypass Protection Imperfect Ritual Stone:Grief Exploits Obsidian TNT:Griefs Particle Generator:Lag Rainmaker:Lag and Troll Item SDX:Griefs TNT Cart:Grief Wooden TNT Cart:Dupes Fancy Workbench:Dupes Poppet Shelf:Chunk Loader Slotted Book:Crashes Server Voodoo Poppet:Bypasses Pvp Protection Vampiric Poppet:Bypasses Pvp Protection Redcrystal:Exploit issies Super Crafting Frame:Bypass Protection Redwood Sapling:Lags and Crashes server
Chunk Loader:Lag Weirding Gadget:Lag Redwood Sapling:Lag
Mana Blaster:Grief Shard of Laputa:Grief Electromagnet:Lag Staff Of Traveling:Bypass Protection EFLN:Crash Server Black Hole Talisman:Lag-Griefs Hand of Ender:Bypass Protection Rod of Hells:Griefs Rod of Molten Core:Griefs Rod of Shifting Crust:Griefs Rod of Terra Firma:Griefs Chunk Loaders (All):Lag The Ender:Bypass High Explosive Cartridge:Bypass Protection Packing Tape:Dupe Chest Transporters (All):Dupe Power Spawner:Lag RS Crafter:Lag RS Monitor:Lag Quarry:Lag Explosive Arrow:Bypass Protection Agricraft mod (entire):- Animania mod (entire):- ClayBucket mod (entire):- Flowergirls mod (entire):- Hopperducts mod (entire):- Mychunkloader mod (entire):- NetherMetals mod (entire):- SBM-WoodenShears mod (entire):- Simplebarrels mod (entire):- SimpleQuarry mod (entire):- va mod (entire):-
ChunkLoaders:Lag Mail Boxes:Lag Dimension Builder:Lag Dimension Editor:Lag Dimension Inscriber:Lag Lens of Death:Bypass Protection EFLN:Lag-Griefs Ender Anchor:Lag Particle Generator:Lag ESD (All):Lag Key of the Kings Law:Bypass Protection Hand of Ender:Bypass Protection Shape Cards (All):Bypass Protection Shard of Laputa:Griefs Rod of Molten Core:Griefs Rod of Terra Firma:Griefs Sigil of Magnetism:Bypass Protection Imperfect Ritual Stone:Weather Manipulation Moving Wand:Bypass Protection High Explosive Cartridge:Bypass Protection Explosive Generator:Bypass Protection Explosive Powder:Bypass Protection Packing Tape:Dupe Chest Transporters (All):Dupe Hour Glass (All):Lag Achievement Stand:Lag Network Conduit:Lag Powered Spawner:Lag RS Upgrades:Lag RS Crafter:Lag RS Grid Filter:Lag RS Network Card:Lag RS Network Receiver:Lag RS Network Transmitter:Lag Particle Generator:Lag ColossalChests mod (entire):- Morpheus mod (entire):- Psi mod (entire):-