Happy New Year

Bolly Owner posted Jan 1, 18

Happy New Year Citizens! The past week I'm sure has been busy for everyone. I would like to thank everyone in the community for an awesome year and all the staff for the work they do.

Over this past year KingdomsCity has achieved a number of achievements. After a couple of years of having many servers but not connected by a network. We finally achieved a long awaited goal of mine to link everything together through a network. With that we switched platforms from using TeamSpeak3 to Discord, at first this was unfamiliar. However, it turned out to be a great move bringing our community closer together.

Now we take on a new year, for KC this means many exciting changes over the next month. Here is a short list of some of those things.

  • We are really excited to release a brand new Hub.
  • We will have 7 new servers. Ranging from 1.7.10 - 1.12.2 mod-packs.
  • We will have 20 new ranks that will be available to acquire in different ways.
  • Our Bolly Bucks point currency is now named Gold Pieces. This is to fit our Kingdom theme. Get some here!
  • Our Vote Rewards have been revamped and are now live. Click Here to check them out!

Happy Holidays!

Bolly Owner posted Dec 25, 17

Happy Holidays Citizens! We hope you all have a wonderful week, eating lots and spending time with family and friends.

In coming weeks KingdomsCity is excited to start it's new venture into a new era. Coming with it are brand new ranks.

Guests, Peasants, Commoners, Stewards, Elders, + many more.

Help enhance your adventure with our vast selection of bundles on our new shop coming soon. Or earn Bolly Bucks to save up for a range of commands to use in-game!

Over the holidays, starting today. 25% discount off all Bolly Bucks has begun.


Have a wonderful week!

KingdomsCity StaffTeam

p.s. Ranks/bundles are still not visable on the store. They will be soon!

Current and Future Releases

Bolly Owner posted Dec 22, 17

Citizens of KingdomsCity a new age is upon us and big changes are near. The Kingdom is growing larger so prepare yourself for a new era!

First off, welcome to our brand new website theme!

The past month KingdomsCity has been undergoing lots of development behind the scenes to provide a better experience for everyone in the community to allow us to push forward in the future and release more features to keep everyone entertained.

Our website is fully functional. However, our web-store is still under some development until further notice. The new store is undergoing a huge overhaul, adding a set of seven lifetime ranks and a new way of leveling through these ranks. More shall be explained with the release of the store.

In the next few weeks expect more changes that will enhance KingdomsCity with a brand new ranking system and new servers!

We are very excited to let you know about all these changes coming in the next few weeks and would like to thank the entire community for playing with us and supporting us in different ways throughout the years.

KingdomsCity StaffTeam.

p.s. Over the next week if you find any issues with the new site. If that be finding things or any glitches. Let us know so we can iron out these issues.

TheonlyTazz Donator Looking good so far! Keep up the great work!